Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I love cooking, and I love collecting cookbooks and recipes.  You might even say I’m a little obsessed, but it makes me happy, and some of the recipes make other people really happy.  So no harm done, right?

It’s practically impossible for me to pick a favorite recipe.  So much depends on what I’m in the mood for, what else I have going on, and what I’m looking to accomplish with a recipe.  But there are definitely some recipes that are special because of where they came from or because of memories associated with them.  These are two of my special recipes:

Sausage GravyThis is my paternal grandmother’s recipe.  She doesn’t cook at all anymore, but she used to love cooking.  I have so many recipes from her, and she probably taught me more about cooking than any other person. 

This sausage gravy is absolutely delicious, and it was almost always what we had for breakfast when we’d visit them.  It’s also the very first breakfast I ever made for Nick when we were dating, and it’s the first breakfast we ever had using our new dishes that we received as wedding presents. 

Pumpkin PieThis is my maternal grandmother’s recipe.   She hated cooking for the most part, but this was one of the few things she enjoyed making.  It also helped that I was the first grandchild and it was my favorite dessert.

It’s an incredibly good pie, and it’s the only handwritten recipe I have from her.  It’s also the dessert we had the night that Nick and I announced our engagement to my side of the family.  My mom made dinner and Granny made pumpkin pie because we were coming and it was my favorite. 

So what about you?  Are there recipes that are special for you? 


  1. Hubby just asked for biscuits and gravy for tomorrow's breakfast too. It must be a sign.

    I don't have any special recipes, but I love it when someone appreciates the effort.

  2. Never had sausage gravy and I don't like pumpkin pie. However, I make pumpkin soup which is delicious. Husband and I entertain quite a bit and make all kinds of different recipes. No particular favourites.

  3. Grandma's recipes are special, aren't they? My paternal grandmother is one of my great inspirations in the kitchen - she was AMAZING! On special occasions I always make my dad gnocchi, just the way grandma taught me.

  4. That is so cute that one grandmother liked cooking and the other didn't but you have special recipes from both of them :) I have a couple of hand written ones from my mom for bread and other special things she made around the holidays. I rarely use them, but they are special to me :)


  5. No special recipes, but I do love to look on Pinterest for stuff that looks so good but so bad for me.


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