Friday, April 17, 2015


Orange isn’t a color I usually think of myself as being drawn to, except when it comes to cats. I’m a sucker for orange tabbies, always have been, always will be. Howard and Milo are clear evidence of this. (I’d not so secretly like to have an orange tabby sanctuary, but Nick seems to believe that two orange guys are plenty.)

I didn’t really think there was much orange in my life, other than Howard and Milo, until I started looking around for pictures and ideas for this post. I realized I have a little more orange in my life than I thought.

So what about you? Do you like the color orange? What’s orange in your life? Are you a sucker for orange tabbies?
Howard & Milo - my favorite orange!

Violas in the garden

Pumpkin!  It's not just for Thanksgiving!

Yummy Carrots!

My favorite scent from the multipack.


  1. Howard and Milo are cute :) Honestly, I'm not sure I've seen an orange tabby but I'm not around cats much :)

    I'm thinking what I have orange around here........not anything I can see in my immediate site. I like orange, just don't have it around :)


  2. Orange is not my favorite color even though it's closest in range to my true favorite, red.

    But I do love orange tabbies. We had an in-house cat at the vet clinic I worked at years ago. He was so calm and easy going--but he knew which dogs didn't like cats and disappeared when necessary. :)

  3. Hi Danielle - I'm not so much into orange, but I do have orangey things ... and brick-red colours ... orange tabbies though will win my day, and orange dogs (chocolate-red ones) ... and I ate an orange earlier on today .. cheers Hilary

  4. Well, if you take a look at my blog, you might find a little orange... ;)

  5. Howard and Milo are beautiful. We love orange kitties, too! I have some neckties with orange in them, but otherwise, we don't have a lot of it...

  6. Fruit and cats are the only things I really adore in the color orange. I've always had an orange tabby and can't imagine not having one (or more) in my life. Howard and MIlo are adorable, and clearly very good at sharing.

  7. My mother had an orange cat called Marmalade (of course). Orange reminds me of the Hare Krishna Brahmacari monks with the shaved heads dancing around on a corner and chanting in their orange robes. I haven't seen them for years! Cute photo of your babies :)

  8. What beautiful marmalades!

    I used to despise orange, but converted to a love of it a few years ago... particularly that brilliant orange-red that's just one step away from poppy.

  9. My cat Jasper is the only orange kitty I've ever had - though when I was a kid there was a big orange tabby who used to hang out in our yard. Jasper's actually orange & white, so I call him my cream-sickle kitty. Actually, I think he and I might be genetically related since we have the same color fur! :-)


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