Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you who we’re voting for, or who I
think you should vote for.  This isn’t that kind of blog.  I’m just
curious as to how many couples don’t vote the same way.

This is the second election year my husband and I have been married
during.  We went together to vote in 2008, have gone together to vote
in local elections, and plan to go together to vote this year.

For the most part, we agree with each other politically; we’re on the
same page on issues like civil liberties, foreign policy, and most
other things.  We disagree (and have agreed to disagree) on all things
financial; taxation, wealth distribution, etc.  We also place
differing levels of importance on different issues.  As a result we
don’t always agree on who the better candidate is.

In 2008 we very nearly voted opposite each other, and we were fine
with that.  Neither of us saw it as cancelling out each other’s vote,
or something that we had to agree on.  We chose to look at it as one
of the many things we have different opinions on.  In the end, we
actually ended up voting the same way.  I was very conflicted as to
who to vote for (my first choice didn’t make it through the primaries)
and after lots of research I decided my husband’s choice was actually
the better of the two choices.

This year, I was the first to make up my mind.  My husband has been
more conflicted.  At one point, it looked like we would be voting
differently from each other.  I won’t say opposite, because a third
party candidate came into play, but definitely not the same candidate.
This year my husband has been the one to change his mind in the
eleventh hour, so once again we are voting the same way.

I have no doubt that a presidential election will come when we will
vote opposite (or at least differently) from each other, and we’re
fine with that.  We respect each other’s thoughts and opinions enough
that it’s a non-issue for us.

I haven’t asked many people if they’re voting for the same candidate
their spouse is.  Based on some of the rants my Facebook friends (on
both sides) are posting, that’s a particular can of worms I’d rather
not open.  I did have a (pleasant) semi-political discussion with one
acquaintance who is leaning toward a different candidate than the one
her husband is firmly behind, but feels like they shouldn’t vote
opposite each other, since that more or less cancels their votes out.

I have to say I disagree with that.  I view voting as a privilege and
a responsibility that we are truly fortunate to enjoy.  I also think
there should be enough respect within a marriage that you can vote for
who you choose.

But I am curious.  Do you and your spouse vote the same way?  Would it
bother you to cast opposite or different votes?  Do you even discuss
politics with your spouse?