Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome Cookie & Dot

We’re foster parents again. It’s only short term, while the cat room at the no-kill shelter is being renovated. There’s a lot of work being done, so all of the kitties had to move out for it, which means Cookie and Dot are our house guests for the next week or so.

Dot is very nervous and has decided to take up residence underneath the armoire for the time being. We’re sure she’ll be fine once she’s had a little more time to adjust and get used to being in a new place. And I’ll share a picture as soon as she’s ready for her photo shoot.

Cookie is very friendly and outgoing. She seems perfectly happy to be here, and doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about being in a new place. She has been exploring their room and looking out the window. Hopefully Dot will follow her example soon.

We’re looking forward to spending the next week with these lovely ladies and pampering them. 


  1. So sweet what you and Nick do with fostering as you do! I am sure it is so rewarding!


  2. That is wonderful that you open your home and your hearts to these sweet animals in need.

  3. How very sweet! I could never foster animals, because once they set foot in my house, there's no way I'd ever let them leave!

  4. She's beautiful, but like the commenter above I could never let her go!
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  5. But doesn't it break your heart to return them and what about their feelings, they get used to you and have to go back.

  6. That's great that the cat room is being renovated! Thank you for taking in Cookie and Dot until it is finished. We bet their time with you will be great for them, even if they are feeling a bit shy right now.

  7. Oh, how fun. I hope Dot feels comfortable soon.

  8. That is so sweet Danielle. I hope those kitties find great homes. I couldn't give them up if it was me. I have had cats for the past 40 years. At one time I had 3 together. Lost 2 cats last year and our bunny from old age. We now have one kitty and our dog who is 15.

    I've nominated you for a few blogger awards. Check it out on my blog site :) Joan


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