Thursday, April 23, 2015


Yes, I’m aware that it’s April, and that Thanksgiving is a long way off. I have no desire to speed things up, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it just doesn’t get enough love, so I thought I’d make it my T post.

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I think it’s really the perfect holiday. I love to cook, and I love spending time with family and friends, especially when I can cook for them. I also love the fact that Thanksgiving seems to come with no expectations, and it manages to bring out the best in people.

Thanksgiving feels magic. It’s at the beginning of the holiday season, when everyone still feels festive and cheerful. It’s a time to think about what’s good in our lives, and to be thankful for those things. It also seems to be a time when everyone is very conscious of including others, to invite people who may need a place to go to come share a meal and companionship.

Because of Nick’s crazy work schedule we sometimes have to get a little creative in celebrating Thanksgiving. We very rarely have our celebration on Thanksgiving Day, but we still manage to find a day to invite family and friends over for a Thanksgiving Dinner, even if it happens to be in March. It’s the people we spend it with who really matter. And it’s easier to send leftovers home with people at a different time of the year when they’re not already inundated with that kind of food. 

So what about you? Is Thanksgiving one of your favorite holidays? How do you celebrate it?


  1. We don't celebrate it in Jamaica but I do appreciate the sentiment.

  2. It's one of my favorite holidays. Now that hubby is retired we can finally celebrate on the actual day. Before, we celebrated whenever we could see each other. Since we lived 300 miles apart, sometimes that could be several weeks.

    I love having him home. :) It's Thanksgiving for me everyday now.

  3. I do agree, Thanksgiving is so much about thanks and good food and being with family without the hype of the presents and the rush around like Christmas. We have celebrated it at different times too, but the feeling of togetherness and food is always there whenever we do :)


  4. Thanksgiving is indeed a time of joy. Bringing that gratitude into everyday life is something we should do more often.

  5. I do love Thanksgiving. Although, it can have its dramas. I remember the one holiday where we had to call 911...

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  6. Thanksgiving here is interesting... it's not a holiday the Great Scot grew up with, so to make it more appealing for him I generally make lamb, or a standing rib roast and Yorkshire pudding, etc...
    It keeps us both happy, and that's what matters, right?

  7. Not something we have in the UK, obviously - reminded me of another blog I read recently by an American traveller who was mortified to hear a compatriot moaning that he couldn't find a Thanksgiving dinner anywhere in London!
    Anabel's Travel Blog
    Adventures of a retired librarian

  8. Thanksgiving is a state of mind, it's about family, friends, and being thankful! We usually have it with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nieces!

  9. Hi human, Danielle,

    My human speaks fondly of Thanksgiving. Of course, before you know it, my lovely human friend, it will be Thanksgiving. Monday, October 12, eh!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  10. Hey Danielle! Finally checking in from the a-z. SO many links this year! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too. Christmas is too crazy! I still follow you...I guess we've been connected for a couple years now. ;-)


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