Monday, April 20, 2015

The Quirky Quartet

Since Saturday’s post about painting with them went over fairly well, I thought I’d take today to introduce (or re-introduce if you’ve been around for a while) you to our quirky quartet of cats.
Milo & Howard
Howard is our oldest and first adopted cat.  I had him when Nick and I met.  He came from the county shelter, and wasn’t the cat I thought I was looking for at all.   But when I saw Howard I knew he was the right little guy for me. 
Howard is by far our friendliest and most outgoing cat.  He loves people and always greets company.  He also loves other animals and seems to greet any new pet arrival by saying “Hi!  I’m Howard, your new friend!”
Milo is our second oldest and second adopted cat.  He’s also the first fur kid Nick and I adopted together.  We adopted him a little over a month after we were married because we decided Howard need a kitty buddy.
Milo is probably our most high maintenance cat.  He’s very loving and affectionate toward very few people and doesn’t have much use for the rest.  He can also be very impatient and doesn’t handle disruptions to his routine very well.  He absolutely loves Howard, though.  The two of them are best friends and spend a lot of time cuddling together.
Frankie is our youngest cat, but third adopted.  A friend posted on Facebook about her sister needing to find a home for a kitten.  The next thing we knew we were adopting Frankie.
Frankie is more cautious than Howard, but definitely more of an explorer than Milo.  He’s very interested in scents; he loves to check out and sniff the vegetables that come in the CSA box.  Frankie also adores hair products.  I don’t use very many, so my hair is always a disappointment to him, but he loves to smell my friend Crystal’s hair.
Tara & Frankie
Tara is our second youngest and last adopted (for the moment!) cat.  She’s a failed foster.  We housed Tara and one other cat while the no-kill shelter was being renovated.  She was so timid and scared at first that we couldn’t stand the thought of taking her back to the noisy hustle and bustle of the shelter once she started to warm up to us.
Tara is still very timid and not a very social cat, but she adores Frankie and loves spending time with him.  I think she feels safe with Frankie.  She also likes to play with little things that she can bat around on the floor.  She loves the little toy mice and little things like bottle caps. 
So that’s our quirky quartet.  They all have their own quirks, and together they’re quite a quartet, but they keep life fun and interesting for us. 


  1. Different dog breeds are fairly predictable, it seems cats are like snow flakes no two have the same personality.

  2. It's a beautiful family. I have a soft spot for especially timid creatures. I'm glad you kept Tara.

  3. It's a beautiful family. I have a soft spot for especially timid creatures. I'm glad you kept Tara.

  4. They are so cute and glad that they relatively get along well together :)


  5. They are all adorable! I've never understood how creatures with brains the size of a walnut can be so different.
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    Adventures of a retired librarian

  6. I used to enjoy having a cat, only ever had one. Dogs, I had three German Shepherds at once.

  7. Don't you just love how they all have their own distinct personalities? Thanks for introducing your gang to us! :)

  8. It's good that they seem to get along. They've formed their own little family.

  9. Your quartet of kitties are sweet and no doubt a handful. Cats are the perfect pets, they really become part of the family.

  10. They are adorable..M y daughter loves cats : )


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