Saturday, April 18, 2015

Painting In A House With Cats

We painted our living room and hallway last year (thanks in large part to my friend Crystal’s help; she did a great job with the trim) and in the process developed a guide for painting in a house with cats in two dozen "easy" steps.

- Stash all blinds in car so strings are not eaten and to avoid emergency trip to the vet.

- Wonder where people without cats store their blinds while painting.

- Attempt to herd all four cats into the spare room.

- Wonder what made you think four was a reasonable number of cats to have.

- Capture the one cat who managed to avoid incarceration.

- Remind yourself that your cats are rescues, and that you love them. 

- Re-capture the escape artist cat.

- Remind yourself, again, that you really do love your cats.

- Clean and apply bandages to wounds you sustained during process of incarcerating cats.

- Threaten anyone who opens the spare room door before the painting is finished with death and dismemberment.

- Begin actual taping and painting.

- Dodge the paws coming out from under spare room door.

- Narrowly miss said paws knocking over paint.

- Remind yourself, yet again, that you Really. Do. Love. Your. Cats.

- Lose one piece of plastic sheeting to evil little paws.

- Hope that the cats don’t eat or otherwise injure themselves with the plastic sheeting.

- Re-think signing up for pet insurance.

- Wonder if pet insurance even covers your cats eating plastic.

- Ignore ominous crashes from spare room for fear of what will happen when you open the door.

- Consider lowering your home owner’s insurance deductible in light of ominous crashes.

- Lose several years from life span when paw touches you from under door at 2:30 am because you got a little too close in your exhausted state.

- Consider increasing the amount of life insurance coverage you have; it’s going to take A LOT for someone to take your cats.

- Try to think of ways to convince your spouse that they should open the door instead of you to release the cats.

- Consider raising the amount of life insurance coverage your spouse has.

Fellow cat people, did I miss any?  I'd love to hear your stories of painting with cats.


  1. OMG... I'm totally laughing out loud. My cats are my perennial excuse for avoiding the infinite home improvement projects that my house so desperately needs!

  2. Well I thought I was going to read about painting a room with a cat instead of a brush, instead I learned that painting with a brush if cats are in the house is a challenge. It might be easier if you actually did use a cat to paint with.

  3. Too cute :) I have never had cats but I can't imagine trying to paint around any animal, LOL :) I can just see their fur being somehow making it into the area you are trying to paint :)

    What an adventure!


  4. That made me laugh! We only had one cat, that was tricky enough any time anything had to be done. Moving house was a nightmare....

  5. Been there. Done that. I have two kitties. I understand completely.

  6. Too funny. Did they punish you later?

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity


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