Monday, April 23, 2012


Tara is the second youngest and last adopted of the quirky quartet of cats.  She’ll be three in June.  Tara was sort of an accidental adoption.  The local no-kill shelter sent out a plea via Facebook for temporary (about a week) fosters for the cats while the cat area was under construction, and we agreed to foster two cats.  I picked them up and set them up in a large room away from our cats.

We spent time with the foster cats every day and played with them and petted them.  Tara was extremely shy and nervous at first.  I didn’t actually get to touch her until she’d been at our house for almost 24 hours, but once she had time to get used to us she became quite the little lap kitty.  She would sit in my lap for hours while I was on the computer.  We agonized over the decision, but decided to keep Tara, since she seemed less adoptable due to being less personable and outgoing.

Tara adjusted quickly to life with her three brother cats and has really started to come into her own personality.  She loves to chase the laser light and run around with Frankie.  Tara and Frankie very quickly became the best of friends.  Her favorite perch is on the back of the couch.  She spends hours there looking out of the window and surveying the neighborhood.  She also makes the cutest little chatter noises whenever she sees a bird or squirrel that gets her attention.

Tara is still vey shy and extremely nervous about loud noises or sudden movements.  She rarely comes out of hiding when we have company, though she has warmed up to a few people.  She’s slowly learning that she is safe and has definitely begun to play more and act like a happy cat during the past year.  She also loves to cuddle up right next to us when we’re sleeping. 

We may have failed as foster parents with Tara, but she is definitely a welcome and loved addition to our family.  


  1. she's a cutie, she will come around

  2. You can see the worry in her face.

  3. She's adorable - good luck with all that. Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog.

  4. Tara is so cute! Sounds like she's found the perfect home.


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