Friday, April 20, 2012

Rain, Roof Woes, and Ready for the Weekend

It has been raining off and on here since Tuesday afternoon; even when the rain stops it has still been gray and cloudy. This is not my kind of weather. It feels like the clouds and gray skies are literally sucking the life and will out of me. I love the sunshine. Sunny days give me energy and make me feel alive. I feel sort of like the solar butterfly light in our front yard; I must have sunshine in order to function.

The other downside to all of the rain we’ve had is that we’ve found out our roof isn’t entirely fixed. The main leak appears to be fixed; that area has been dry this week, but one of the smaller leaks still isn’t fixed. I called the roofing company and they’ll be coming back out to look at it as soon as it stops raining, possibly tomorrow, depending on the weather. The chance of rain seems to go up every time I check tomorrow’s forecast, though, so I’m not so sure they’ll be able to come look at it tomorrow. On a positive note, they returned my phone call quickly, and are trying to come look at as soon as possible; they can’t stop the rain any more than I can. That would be one totally awesome superpower though!

On another (and even more) positive note, it’s the weekend! Everyone definitely seems ready for the workweek to end. I think it’s the rain making the weekly drudgery even worse for everyone. There just seems to be a general sense of relief this morning as everyone is ready for the weekend to get started. Here’s hoping the chance of rain will decrease, and that everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. i hope you have a rainless weekend--our area is suppose to get it for the next three days :(

  2. Fingers crossed for a dry weekend.

  3. Sounds like we are in for a rainy weekend too, severe storms in the forecast for us all weekend. I love stormy weather as long as I can be cuddled up at my computer at home and have my family all safe at home too. Hope they are able to get your roof taken care soon!

  4. The rain’s a total bummer. In our case, it’s the roof that continues to have small leaks when it’s pouring outside. I’ve found out that roofs develop minor leaks years before it needs replacing. They can be really tough to locate, so contacting your local roofing company can be a huge help.

    Tiffany Larsen


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