Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shivering & Sleepy

Doesn't she look thrilled to go out?
I assume that most of you are being hit pretty hard with winter weather.  I know we are!  We mostly dodged the snow.  There were snow showers off and on for most of yesterday afternoon, but nothing really stuck.  The wind sounded much like the big bad wolf trying to blow the house down.  And it’s cold.  It’s crazy cold.  We dropped down to the single digits last night, and with the wind chill it feels like negative temperatures today. 
Nick came home from work sick yesterday with a nasty stomach bug, and spent the evening on the couch, with Duke as his self-appointed guardian.  It was really sweet the way Duke stayed right with him.  Duke likes me just fine, but Nick is definitely his person.  It works out well, because I am Emma’s person. 

I really hate the cold weather.  I dread going outside for anything, and it just feels like it sucks all of my energy.  I understand why some animals hibernate during the winter.  I’m fond of the idea myself. 
All of the fur kids were in sleepy, cuddly mode last night.  They seemed fine with the idea that we went to bed early, and cocooned ourselves in fleece sheets and blankets.  If you have to wake up because the wind is howling so loud, it’s nice to wake up surrounded by purring cats and a snoring dog.  They just look so cute all burrowed down in the warmth!
Always happy to go out! 
Emma was not at all impressed at having to get up and out of the warm bed this morning.  I kept hitting snooze on the alarm because I really didn’t want to get up and face the cold. Emma looked very approving every time I did.  She seemed to be suggesting that I just keep right on hitting snooze until the warmer weather is here to stay.  Unfortunately that wasn’t an option.
Duke doesn’t seem to mind the cold, and is always excited to go out for a walk.  He’s happy to take his time sniffing around even when the wind is icy and cuts right through you.  Emma tried to assure me that she was fine, and wouldn’t need to go out again until summer.  She could wait.  Really.  I didn’t buy it, so I bundled her up into a few sweaters and out we went. 
I’m pretty sure Emma set a record for how quickly a dog can take care of necessary business and be ready to go back inside.  Duke took his sweet time.  I think Emma is going to have words with him today. 
We’re not supposed to get any snow for the rest of the week, but it isn’t really going to warm up much either.  I’m very ready for warmer weather.  I’m tired of shivering and feeling sleepy. 
I hope you’re all staying warm!


  1. Brrr with the cold! Its been a tough year for the East Coast weather wise! I know a lot of people are looking forward to spring and warmer weather! Stay safe and warm!

    (I won't mention we've had 10-15 degrees warmer than average weather these past few weeks, but the flip side is no rain and drought conditions and potential water rationing)


  2. It's frigid as ever here; love the snuggle bug's cold weather gear!

  3. They are too cute all bundled up. Margarite has a jacket too but hasn't worn it so far this year. She's like your girlie. She goes out real darn quick and then begs not to have to go again. lol

  4. I'm with Emma. I wish I could hide away until it warms up!

  5. Actually, it's been warm and tropical in England. Okay, slight exaggeration. Penny does love looking at your dogs. Now then, you all snuggle up together and stay warm.

    Gary :)

  6. Aw, they look so cute! I'm ready for warmer weather, too.

  7. We're with Emma (and you)! This cold weather is just dreadful. Stay together, and stay warm!

  8. Sing it, sista. I am so sick of my cracking finger tips and the constant ache of chilliness ALL OF THE TIME. Two months til Spring. Two months til Spring...


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