Wednesday, April 4, 2012


For many people (at least for me) the word “donation” often brings to mind the word “cash” or at least “money”. While charitable organizations can definitely use financial assistance, you don’t have to break the bank in order to help out. You can donate everything from things around the house you no longer need or use to blood. Here’s a short list of things that you can donate without spending any money:

Time – Sure it’s probably our most valuable commodity, but it doesn’t cost us anything. Take the time; even it’s just half an hour, to volunteer for an organization or cause you believe in.

Clothing – We all have clothing that we no longer wear; it’s too big (we should all be so lucky!), too small, or we just don’t love it. Why not donate it so someone else can benefit from it? Consider taking it to a thrift store that benefits a cause you care about, or taking it to your nearest homeless shelter or women’s shelter. If you have gently used formal dresses look for local programs that provide prom dresses for girls who need them.

Blood – Okay, so this one might seem a little gross, or scary, at first glance; however, blood donations are constantly needed. It only takes about an hour, isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds, and they even give you a snack. According to the American Red Cross, one blood donation can save up to three lives. How many other things can you do that have much of an impact? For more information, or to find a blood drive near you, visit .

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  1. Donations can bless other lives. Thanks for reminding us. It's great to meet you on the challenge.


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