Friday, January 17, 2014

What Would You Really Like To Read?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I never seem to stick with them, and I’ve read a few different places that’s it’s not the best idea because we tend to be vague – “I’m going to lose weight” (how much, how, etc.) or not realistic – “I’m never going to drink soda, or eat sugar, or junk food, ever again starting today” (only to binge on a two-liter bottle of Coke, a bag of Cheetos, and a tub of ice cream a week or two later).  So, no New Year’s resolutions for me.
That being said, I can’t help but get drawn in by the idea of a fresh start, a clean slate, etc.  It makes sense, the beginning of the year can be a great starting point, and having some goals kind of helps with the post-holiday letdown.  I always find myself setting goals for the year, and this year is no exception.  A few of my goals are writing related.  I really enjoy blogging, but it seems to be one of the first things to go when things start getting hectic.  I’m trying not to let that happen so much this year.
Of course that begs the question of what I’m going to blog about.  I don’t seem to have much of a theme, and I did that on purpose.  I’m interested in a few different things, but none of them seem to merit their very own blog.  That’s why I post everything from recipes to pictures of adorable fur kids to my attempts at flash fiction, and everything in between.  I try to keep it varied.  I get bored easily, and if you’re kind enough to spend part of your valuable time reading what I write, I certainly do not want to bore you either. 
One way to attempt not to bore you is to just ask you what you want to read.  I’m not good at guessing.  Sometimes I post something that I think will be really popular and it gets very, very few page views.  Other times I post something, somewhat reluctantly, that I’m not so sure about, and it camps out on the side as a popular post.  Like I said, I’m not good at guessing. So, what do you want to read when you visit?
Let me take this opportunity to clarify that I’m not trying to be lazy here and ask you for content.  One of my other goals for this year is to actually post all of the things I write and intend to post, but never actually do.  I write lots of posts, email them to myself, and then they’re lost in the black hole that is my inbox.  (Organization is an ongoing goal for me.)  But I’d still like to know what you actually want to read.
Two blogs I really enjoy asked for questions last year, and it made for some interesting posts. Maria at Just Eat Your Cupcake answered questions from readers in a few posts, and Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup let readers interview her.  The topics were interesting, and it was nice to be allowed to ask questions.  
So I’m trying it myself.  Is there a topic you’d like to read more about, a fur kid you’d like to see more pictures of, a type of recipe you’re interested in, or something else entirely?  Just ask.  I will endeavor to come up with something worthy of your time.  The only things off limits are controversial topics.  I’m just not going to get into my views on politics, religion, etc.  There’s enough nastiness out there without my creating yet another forum for name calling.  So, other than that, ask away.  And if you like a question or topic and want to answer or expound on it as well, by all means tell us in the comments so we can check out your post as well. 


  1. Good question, Danielle. I like to read about things going on in people's lives, perhaps things they may be struggling with, good things that are happening, things going on in their area, hard to really say. What I'm not really crazy about are blogs that feature a lot of their decorating, LOL (probably because I'm not into that). But really whatever you write, I'll read as I can :)


  2. I can so relate to this post! I definitely don't have a theme for my blog, and I am often very wrong about what people will like reading or not. It's so weird when you put up what you think is a crap post, and you get tons of comments and views.

    Since I'm brand new to you, I don't know that I have suggestions, except that I always really like pet posts :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Oh fun! And aws thanks for the mention!

    I love hearing about the herd and foster pup and how he's doing. And the different bakings you do for people.

  4. It's so hard to know what to post. Stuff I think will get a good response, doesn't. While stuff I do just for fun, does. I guess I should do more of that, but I have to be in a certain frame of mind to do it.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals! I also tend to set goals for the year, but I also re-evaluate throughout the year since they're prone to change.

    The Warrior Muse

  5. I love hearing the stories about your pets, cooking/food and books of course ;) I need to diversify my blog a little but I can never stick to it and always go back reviews.


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