Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Update on Duke

We still have our foster dog, Duke, and as you can tell he has settled in very comfortably. 
He had his heart worm injections on December 30th and 31st.  He was very sore and tired the first night, but seemed to be feeling better the next day.  Now we have to keep him very calm for the next two months.  After that we can add some low level activity back in.  He will be re-tested in four months.  A negative means the heart worm treatment is over, a positive means we repeat the whole process.  Fingers and paws crossed for a negative!
We’ve learned that there is some sensation in part of his front paw, but there’s still a lot of nerve damage.  Apparently there’s a small chance he may be able to keep the leg, but it’s still looking like an amputation is most likely.  Regardless, nothing can be done about the leg until he completes the heart worm treatment. 
In the meantime he’s enjoying snuggling into the couch, being friends with Emma, and basically charming everyone he meets.  He’s very friendly toward people, and so far everyone who meets him loves him.  He has a few minor behavioral issues we’re working on, but overall he’s a great dog and just seems happy to be part of a family. 


  1. Aw sweet boy! Lots of good wishes for his treatment. We've had HW+ ones through the rescue and personal babes we've taken on. He looks like he's perfectly content to lounge around lol

  2. Hoping the treatment took! What a sweet dog who looks very comfortable "perched" on the couch!

    (Thanks for the info about TNR, someone else sent me similar info, I'm on the search to see what we have available in our area; I haven't seen too many cats around after I posted that on my blog, whereas they were daily visitors before so not sure what's up, but would like to "nip the problem in the bud" so to speak. Thanks again for the suggestion!)



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