Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Mornings

Do you find that certain weekday mornings are just easier for you?  I
do.  For me, Friday morning is the easiest morning for me to get ready
for work and get out the door.  I’m not sure why, but it always seem
to be the best weekday morning for me.  Maybe it’s the promise of the
weekend to come; Friday morning means only eight hours left of the
workweek.  Or maybe it’s the fact that we can dress casually on
Friday; hello jeans and comfy shoes.

I just find that Friday mornings are easier.  I don’t hit the snooze
button so many times.  I’m more likely to get up early and get things
done around the house before I go in to work, and it just feels like
things go smoothly on Friday morning.

This morning I got up in time to finish loading the dishwasher from
last night, fold two loads of laundry, start another load of laundry,
take the trash out (which included tossing some things from the fridge
that were looking a little sketchy), get dinner started, and of course
walk Emma.

Now part of it was done out of necessity: Friday is our trash pick up
day, so any food that needs to be thrown away that doesn’t make it out
on Friday morning will be sitting in the can all week, and with the
slightly warmer weather expected next week I didn’t want that to
happen.  I needed to get dinner ready to go in the crock pot because
my husband is working tonight, and I don’t usually have enough time to
get dinner made between the time I get home and the time he leaves.
And it will be nice for me to come home and not have to cook tonight.

We also have a lot of bell peppers that need to be used up (they were
on sale and I got a little carried away), so it seemed like a great
time for making stuffed bell peppers.  I just had to stuff them and
put them in crock pot during my lunch break, and now they’ll be all
ready this evening.

Today is also Day Five of the 30-Day Photo Challenge, which is
“Morning Sky”.  I can’t tell you how happy I was when I realized this
would fall on a Friday; it made it easier to get the pictures, and
definitely found me in more of a mood to appreciate the beauty.  I
waited until it was starting to get light, partly for better pictures,
and partly because I took the pictures during Emma’s walk, and she
prefers to sleep as late as possible every morning.

So what about you?  Is there a particular morning that’s easier for
you?  Or a particular morning in which you find yourself able to
accomplish more?

The moon says goodnight.

Morning Clouds

Stuffed Pepper Filling

Stuffed Peppers


  1. Monday. Always. Friday is the worst. Maybe I'm too tired?

    Love those pics. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I wish Monday was a better morning for me, but it seems to always be the worst. It makes sense about being too tired on Friday.


  2. Those bell peppers look good! I only made them once in the crock pot but they sure came out good; usually we make them in the oven (in fact they are on our menu for next Monday). I'm not sure if there is any day I'm excited about these days; in my youth I did like Fridays for the weekends ahead, but now that I work 1/2 days on Saturday I'm less excited about Fridays. I guess any day I get up is a good day to be excited about!

    Enjoy the weekend!


    1. Thanks, they were yummy. I've made in the oven, too. I don't really prefer one way over the other, it just depends on when I need them o be ready.

      Sorry you have to work 1/2 days on Saturday. That would lessen my love of Friday too. You're right about getting up being a good thing. :-)

  3. My mornings are all pretty much the same. :)

    The stuffed peppers look great!

    1. Ah, so you're consistent. That would be nice too.

      The peppers were great.

  4. For me it's a toss up between Wednesday and maybe Thursday morning. Wednesdays are usually half days at school (but the rest of the day is spent in an unbelievably long and usually non-productive meeting) and Thursdays, I know the next day is Friday.

    1. Half days are nice, but sometimes it seems like work meetings can be worse than the actual work.


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