Monday, May 7, 2018

We Have More Blooms

I think it’s finally safe to say that the warm weather is here to stay.  The days have consistently been sunny and warm, and it seems like something new blooms every day.  I love this time of year!  Here’s what’s blooming now:

The lavender petunia I bought at the plant sale at the community college.  It has more than doubled in size and blooms.

One of the snapdragons from last year.  These don't usually come back for me, so I'm pretty excited to see it making a return.  And I love the coral color.

The azalea bush on the side of the house.  Most of the azalea blooms are withering now, but this one is always a late bloomer, so it's going strong right now.

And a closeup of the azaleas.

This rosebush.  We bought it on clearance a few years ago.  It was sad and sickly, and we weren't sure it would make it.  It was puny for a year, but now it's doing well.

And a closeup of a rose.

There were several bushes planted in front of our house when we bought it.  I didn't care for most of them, so have been slowly replacing them with bushes I do like, which basically means flowering bushes.  This yellow rose bush is one of the replacements.  I like yellow roses, and I think the yellow looks nice in front of the blue house.  It was pretty small when I bought it, one gallon I think.  It makes me happy to see it growing.

And a closeup of a yellow rose.

Can you guess what my favorite season is?  What about you?  Do you love spring?  Are the flowers blooming where you are?


  1. Those roses are so very exquisitely beautiful! So many things blooming for you! I'm thinking you indeed do like spring :) The trees are blooming here causing lots of problems with people with allergies, otherwise haven't seen too many flowers blooming.


  2. Your spring is glorious! We are far behind you!

  3. Yes we are finally having warm weather. My daffodils and dogwoods are starting to bloom. We have azaleas but they don't do well and we have to keep them covered from the deer.

  4. Nice to hear you were able to bring that rose bush back from the brink. That's gardening talent.

  5. I think you must have a green thumb. Either that or good soil. My Dad is like you and can bring plants back to life. It's a great gift!

  6. Such loveliness. We have roses from a precious house owner. A drought took out a good many of them, but we managed to save the others. Love yellow roses as well!!


  7. Very pretty! It's so nice seeing everything pop up. My azaleas went about a month ago I'm guessing so just green now but doing well :)

  8. Yellow roses have always been my favourite flowers, and the only floral scents I love more are those of lavender and jasmine (especially lavender).

  9. Yellow roses have always been my favourite flowers, and the only floral scents I love more are those of lavender and jasmine.

  10. Beautiful, Danielle. It must smell glorious, too!


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