Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sandwich Day

It’s Sandwich Day.  You can read more about it here, but it’s basically a day to celebrate sandwiches, by eating your favorite sandwich, or trying a new one.

Here are a couple of my favorite sandwiches:

A Different Kind of BLT
This one is probably my favorite sandwich right now!  Slightly different flavors, amazingly delicious.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

So what about you?  Are sandwiches on the menu today?  What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?


  1. Sandwiches are so quick and easy to make and so delicious! My favorite is with turkey leftovers.


  2. On days I eat lunch, lunch is a sandwich. Seems like there are way too many of these food-themed days lately.

  3. Hi Danielle, thanks so much for coming over to visit The Marmelade Gypsy and for your very kind comment.

    Sandwich day -- oh dear! I'd better get on it! My favorite is toasted bacon, basil and tomato sandwich with pesto instead of mayo. Love it!

  4. BLT no matter how you make it! Grilled cheese comes in second. And I do make a mean chicken salad sandwich...the secret is I mix in raisins.

  5. Egg salad all the way! Curried egg is my second favourite. Now I'm hungry Danielle.

  6. My favourite sandwiches are egg (with or without cress), cheese (with or without tomato and/or onion) and jam/jelly (with or without peanut butter). My sandwich of choice on Wednesday was cheddar and red onion.


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