Saturday, October 3, 2015

Soggy Weekend

Are you getting drenched by Joaquin? We certainly are. It has been raining for over a week now, but it really started to pick up yesterday. I don’t think it has stopped at all today. We certainly don’t have it as bad as the folks on the coast, but there has been some flooding and road closures.

We’ve opted to mostly spend the weekend at home working on indoor projects and watching movies.

I did venture out into the backyard to get some pictures of the mushroom crop that seems to have popped up overnight, and the puddle right off the back porch.

So what about you? Is it an indoor kind of weekend for you?

Just off the back porch.  More and more of the yard is looking like this.

The mushrooms.
Not quite what we usually grow in the raised beds.


  1. Lots of rain, but this should stop talk of a bad drought.

  2. You guys have been hit there on the East Coast. About 80 degrees here today and sunny :) (but we could definitely use the rain, same as California in their severe drought). Sounds like you guys had the right idea on how to spend the day.


  3. Hi Danielle - sounds very damp ... the mushrooms look interesting - I wonder if they are of the edible variety. Your plans for the weekend sound very sensible .. no point in getting soaked .. cheers Hilary

  4. Are they balls, rather than the more typical mushroom shape? If so, they sound like puffballs, which are edible, but as with all fungi - be certain you've identified it correctly. Find more info., and recipes, here:

    We've gotten rain here, but not nearly as much as you have.

  5. Send it our way Danielle! I'd love to see some puddles here.

  6. Sorry about all the rain. We were forecasted to have some rain today, which sadly never arrived.


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