Thursday, October 1, 2015

It’s World Vegetarian Day

Today is World Vegetarian Day, a day meant to encourage us to eat our fruits and vegetables, as well as to encourage people to become vegetarians.

I’m not a vegetarian, and neither is Nick, but we have embraced the idea behind Meatless Monday, and incorporate one or two meatless days into each week. Neither one of us are very keen on the idea of totally giving up meat, but we do like the idea of reducing the amount of meat we eat. You can read about some of the benefits of going meatless here from Meatless Monday.

One of our favorite meatless meals is veggie tacos. They’re quick, easy, and delicious. I don’t really
have an exact recipe for them. I just use whatever combination of vegetables we happen to have on hand, which is usually squash and zucchini (especially during the summer). I always add chopped onion and bell pepper (usually two different colors) and a handful of fresh cilantro. Saute the vegetables in olive oil, just until they start to soften, then add a package of taco seasoning, and cook according to the instructions on the package. I also add a can of beans, usually kidney beans or pinto beans, whatever we happen to have on hand. We also like to have rice in the tacos. In addition to being delicious, the rice helps absorb some of the sauce and keeps the tacos from falling apart quite so easily. Top it with a little shredded cheese, and you have a delicious meal.

So what about you, are you going meatless today? Are you a vegetarian? Do you participate in Meatless Monday? What is your favorite meatless meal?


  1. I didn't know it was World Vegetarian Day - and I'm a veggie! But then we have a National Vegetarian Week in the UK in February so perhaps that eclipses it. I haven't eaten meat for over 30 years and don't think I could back to it now. I'm glad it has got so much easier to find good veggie food over the decades,
    Anabel's Travel Blog

  2. Those tacos sound delicious :) I'm such a protein junkie, I would have to find something to substitute protein if I went too meatless :)


  3. Perfectly timed post! I was just sitting here wondering what to have for "linner" (late lunch/early dinner). I made mine with black beans, zucchini & onion with lots of fresh tomatoes on top!

    I actually was a vegetarian for 20 years but gave it up because food allergies just made it too hard. It's hard to be a vegetarian when you can't eat most nuts & seeds! So now I eat chicken a few times per week and I'm much happier & healthier. Life is compromise! :-)

  4. No, I'm not a vegetarian, but I respect those who are. I do need to make sure I get my protein in, so I'd have to add some tofu or something to the tacos (although the beans might just do that).

  5. I am a sort of vegetarian in that I still eat fish and a tiny bit of chicken. It think it's called a pollo-pescetarian which sounds like a weird religion. I just find red meat weighs me down. It's probably just psychological. The tacos sound tasty!

  6. My husband is carnivore through and through. Me? I would be just as happy if my meal could come in a milk shake. But, I would say that I am more vegetarian.
    The tacos are awesome. Hope you enjoyed them.

  7. Hi Danielle - great post ... I'm not a vegetarian per se - but love veggie food and often just have veggie .. my favourite is cauliflower cheese, or spinach stuffed pasta with a light sauce over it ... and more veg. I don't eat too much meat, but love my fish ... cheers Hilary

  8. We aren't vegetarians, although we are eating more meatless meals as well as meals in which meat is more of a condiment or side than an entree. The Great Scot is unabashedly carnivorous whilst I could happily be a pescatarian.


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