Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Very, Very Belated Happy New Year

This is why I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore; they seem to lead me to failure and disappointment.  For example, if I did still make New Year’s Resolutions, one of them would have been to get back to regular blogging, which clearly hasn’t happened yet.  In my defense, I did manage to contract some sort of Plague (not really, The Plague, but after being sick and tired for almost three weeks I feel better calling it The Plague) right around the holidays.  I fought it and took lots of cold medicine and we managed to have a nice Christmas, and Nick’s birthday party was wonderful. 

By the Sunday before New Year’s Eve, though, there was no more fighting it and no amount of cold medicine to make it through the day.  I worked a grand total of one full day that week and spent the rest of it in bed feeling miserable.  I did go to the doctor and get various medications, including a cream for the cough syrup-induced rash.  (Cough syrups are apparently full of dyes, which I am allergic to.)  I’m now almost rash free, and down to an amount of coughing that isn’t leading to gagging and headaches, so I have decided that I’ve officially rejoined the land of the living, and it’s time to catch up on everything.

How many of you make New Year’s Resolutions?   I used to every year, but I pretty much never stuck to them, so I don’t so much anymore.  Every year I tell myself that I will get organized, keep the house and yard neater, be a nicer person, focus more on my writing, exercise more, and volunteer more.  Every year, I tell myself this will be my year.  There’s just something so hopeful about the beginning of a new year.

I think each year does seem to get a little better; last year I started my blog, we short term fostered one cat and one dog, I did some rescue transports, my purse was cleaned out and organized for almost a month, I did the Memory Walk with my mom, we planted an herb garden, we went to some water aerobics classes for a few months, and the guest room was habitable for my sister to spend the weekend after Christmas with us.  I don’t think more than two, maybe three, of those things went on at the same time, though. 

So of course, this year I plan to get organized, keep the house and yard neater, be a nicer person, focus more on my writing, exercise more, and volunteer more.  We’ll see what happens with all of that. 

On the getting organized and keeping the house neater front, the house sort of looks likes a set from a disaster movie right now.  It’s awful.  That’s what happens when you’re sick for a few weeks I guess.  I intend to start tackling that (probably starting with the mountain of laundry, because that’s what is driving me the most insane) this week.  Assuming that I can stay awake long enough in the evenings, that is.  The coughing seems to be much worse at night, and the cough syrup knocks me out.  I feel better sleeping 9 – 11 hours a night, but it doesn’t lead to getting much done! 

On the volunteering front I am sorry to say that absolutely nothing has happened so far.  I blame The Plague.  It’s hard to volunteer for much when you can barely get out of bed.  I am hoping that will change over the next few weeks.

Ditto with the exercising.  The idea of getting into a cold pool right now just makes me cringe.  Once again, hopefully this will change in the next couple of weeks. 

Being a nicer person is a little more intangible and harder to quantify, I think.  I equate that a lot with volunteering.  I think helping some organization, working toward some greater good, something bigger than yourself makes you a nicer person.  But there are other things too, I know that.  Now I just have to work on finding them and practicing them. 

On the writing front, during my feverish haze during The Plague, I decided that I would write and self-publish a cookbook this year.  It still sounded like a good idea after the fever was over, so I’m going with it, even though typing it here is making my stomach do some crazy flip flopping around.  I’ve talked about it for years, so I’ve decided it’s time to stop talking and starting doing.

I told my husband about this plan, and he has been incredibly supportive.  He’s helping me round up all of the scraps of paper I’ve jotted recipes down on, and has agreed to let me experiment on him.

I normally don’t tell anyone about my plans to do something big like that, and then I don’t usually accomplish it, because no one knows I failed.  But I’ve realized that there’s some accountability to be found in telling people what you’re trying to accomplish, so I’m putting it out there this time.  I haven’t set a more firm deadline for myself than this year, but I’m thinking before the holidays, so I don’t have that hanging over me during the holidays.

So how about all of you?  Did you make resolutions?  Are you sticking to them?  How is 2013 shaping up for you? 


  1. Danielle!

    So glad you're back, and more importantly, well!!!

    No, no resolutions for me. 2013 is shaping up much like 2012 so I will patiently wait for that 'big break' or that moment that changes everything.

    Glad you're back!

    1. Thanks! It's great to be back.

      I hope your 'big break' comes soon. :-)

  2. Welcome back! I've missed you!

    I'm glad you're feeling better now. There's so much sickness going around. It's horrible...

    I made a few resolutions and posted about them a while ago. I've been doing pretty well on some of them and so-so on others. I'll get there. :)

    Happy to see you around!

    1. Thank you, I am very happy to be back. I've missed everyone!

      Good for you for doing so well on your resolutions! So-so counts in my book. :-)

  3. Hi Danielle,

    Delighted to see you back. Despite the debilitating "plague" you are embracing this new year with a fresh resolve. You know this will be true. May your cookbook be a recipe for success! :)

    A peaceful, positive 2013 to you and your loved ones. You say you wanna' resolution. I just wanna' change the world....


    1. Gary, thanks you're so sweet. It's great to be back. I have really missed everyone.

      I love the Beatles reference! That song is stuck in my head now.


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