Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy Hump Day - The Panda Bear Edition

I’m slowly getting back to a regular blogging schedule, so I thought this would be a good time to brig back the Happy Hump Day posts.

This week has been awful so far. It has been cold and rainy, and a week where I’ve wished I had gone to school for just about anything other than what I’m currently doing. It’s the kind of week that needs a really, really good Happy Hump Day post. So, I give you panda bears.

I’ve been obsessed with panda bears for about as long as I can remember. I’m not sure how or when it all started, but as a child my room was covered in panda bear everything. I watched any and every panda bear documentary I could find, and generally drove people insane sharing random panda bear facts. I also decided my life wouldn’t be complete until I saw panda bears live.

I finally got to see pandas live in 2012 when we went to Atlanta for our anniversary and went to Zoo Atlanta. I spent hours at the panda bear area, and Nick patiently put up with it. And now my panda bear obsession is probably a little more extreme than it was before.

I’ve also recently discovered that my dream job does actually exist; being a panda nanny is a real job. Not that it’s a job I’ll ever have, but it’s nice to know it’s out there. A girl can dream.

So what about you? What’s your dream job?

Just in case you need a little more panda bear cuteness to help you make it through the week here’s a link to Zoo Atlanta’s Panda Cam.



  1. Did you know you can send Panda ecards. World Wildlife have them. It's Pass the Panda time.

  2. They are cute animals :) I hadn't heard of a panda nanny, but I think you could qualify for at least applying since you know facts about them :)

    I thought the work I do now was my ideal job with medical transcription. Loved it, still love certain aspects of it, but the industry has changed so much that I loathe what it has become. However, 8 years from retirement, not sure I want to retrain for something else; we'll see.

    Hope the rest of the week goes better!


  3. I've been to that zoo twice, and the Panda's were my favorite.

  4. Sorry it's been a rough week. I have no idea what my "dream" job would be. Maybe one of these days I'll figure that out.


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