Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dog Shaming - The Lasagna Edition

By now I’m sure just about everyone is familiar with dog shaming, where you take a picture of your dog wearing or holding a sign stating their misdeed(s).  Sometimes the pictures are taken in the wreckage of whatever they’ve destroyed.  The pictures are usually hilarious, especially when it’s not your house, dinner, car, etc.

Honestly, even when it is your dog, and your lasagna, the pictures are kind of fun.  After all, you’re (hopefully) not getting the lasagna back.  And there’s no point crying over stolen lasagna, so you might as well laugh, and get a cute pet picture out of it.

I don’t think Duke ever really feels any shame when he steals.  He seems to be more of the “I regret nothing, and it was delicious!” school of thought.  At least he’s cute.

This particular incident was a few months ago.  Lasagna is a big deal at our house.  I don’t make it very often.  It’s fairly time consuming, and it makes so much that we usually only have it when someone is coming over.  It’s also one of those foods that always seem to taste even better the next day, so leftover lasagna is highly anticipated.  We had well over two thirds of the pan left, so we wrapped it up with aluminum foil and left it sitting on the stove, and went outside for about two minutes to wave goodbye to our friend.

When we came back inside, Duke had his face firmly planted in the pan, and was just finishing the last few bites.  I have no idea how he managed to eat that much that lasagna that fast, but he did.  Fortunately, he didn’t get sick from it, and we’ve learned that you never leave lasagna unattended for even a moment.

So what about you?  Do you take dog shaming pictures when your dog is bad?  Have you lost anything tasty to a fur kid lately?


  1. haha....I have not done any dog shaming with Dakota but thought about it with Lily just about 30 mins ago when I returned home to Toilet Paper all over the living room....yep, the kitten went WILD! She realized I was not playing when I was picking it up and she wanted to play in it and her little nose got tapped and the word NO was being said.

    1. Oh and I meant to say..thanks for the nice comment on what I create. Mine is in the things you see and COOKING is not it. You have that gene and I do not...haha

  2. Oh the HUMANITY!!! No left-over lasagna. Can't blame the dog though, that is too much temptation. We are the same about lasagna, make it maybe once or twice a year, and as good as it is, the next day or two it just gets better.

  3. Our grand-dog is visiting again and we always have interesting experiences with her. She has never taken any food such as you describe but she is an excellent vacuum.

    I enjoyed your adventure with Duke.

  4. can cats join in the shaming fun? I've got one who is always a bad girl. Sorry to hear you lost your lasanga. glad the pup didn't get sick from it.

  5. I haven't had a pet in several years now, for various personal reasons. I could have shamed my parakeet for chewing on wood trim (they love chewing on wood and paper) but the parakeet probably would have chewed on the shaming sign, too. Ooh, I would have been so mad at the lasagna pup, as I love lasagna. Bad boy! Bad boy! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. Those pictures are hilarious, especially because you know the dog has no idea that he's supposed to be shamed about it. Sorry you lost your lasagna, though. That is a tragedy.

  7. Ha ha ha! When I was a kid we used to get these giant uncut logs of American cheese. One day my mother was standing at the kitchen counter cutting a slice off of one such log, when my brother decided it would be fun to try out his new plastic handcuffs from his Jr. Policeman Kit. So when my mother stepped away from the counter to put the knife away, he ran over and handcuffed her to the sink. Just then Tippy the dog, sensing opportunity, leapt into action, grabbing the log of cheese and high tailing it out the doggie door for a backyard feast. I'll never forget my mother screaming and cursing, and my brother reeling with laughter at the whole scene. Tippy had very interesting orange colored diarrhea for the next week!

    Anyhow, sorry about the lasagna - at least you got a good story out of the deal! :-)

  8. LOL I tell my herd that often. At least you're cute! And, yeah, I'd have a hard time feeling sorry over stealing lasagna. Noms!

  9. Based on what I have read in your blog before about your cooking expertise, I'm thinking that was one good tasting lasagna. I can see why Duke would have gone for it and enjoyed it immensely. Probably didn't even mind too much the picture :) Koda had short legs so it was hard for him to reach potential shaming food incidents. Otherwise, I'm sure there would have been many of them if he could have reached the food :)


  10. I don't have any actual dog shaming photos. Although, I did post a photo recently of Lilie having stolen a toilet roll, and have similar photos from when Kero was a puppy. I could be a while if I started sharing stories of all the various things my family or I have lost to dogs. It's so easy to forget the lesson you learned about not letting things be reachable. Plus, dogs are smart, and some of them are really good at reaching places you'd expect them not to be able to. Cats are even worse in some ways, and I could tell you some stories about them too.

  11. Hilarious. One of our dogs leaped up and snatched an entire cooked chicken from my Dad's hand. There was no internet back then but I can imagine the shame photo. He used to rip towels from the clothes line and Dad would make him wear the ripped towel around his neck. Talk about a hang dog expression!

  12. ``````````````````````````````````I don't have a dog but I've probably done enough cat shaming in my life to appall the humane society!


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