Sunday, January 8, 2017

Snowy Weekend

It snowed here Friday.  It started Friday afternoon, stopped for a little while, started again on Friday night, and continued into the early hours of Saturday morning.  We ended up with about seven inches in our area.

We’ve been dropping down into the single digits at night, and haven’t gotten above freezing during the day, so nothing has really melted, and there’s a layer of ice under a lot of the snow.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I am not a fan of snow, or of cold weather in general.  I’ve been inside all weekend.  I did venture out onto the screened in back porch to take some pictures of Duke playing in the snow.  He absolutely loves it.

Duke seems to be the only one who enjoys the snow.  Chuzoo runs outside just long enough to answer the call of nature, and then immediately wants back inside.  I can’t blame him.  The cats don’t go outside anyway, but they’ve pretty much spent the weekend hunkered down in their beds, cuddled up together.  I think they have the right idea.

So what about you?  Do you have any snow?  Are you enjoying warmer temperatures than we are?


  1. No snow, I'm no fan either, but very cold.

  2. Single digits and snow here too. Ready for some warm temps soon.

  3. It was 75 degrees today here, but remember in summer it will be 114 degrees or higher. Koda loved the snow, romping around in it. I would have to watch to make sure he didn't get too cold out there. He refused to leave the outside if son was out there building forts, etc. in the snow.

    Stay warm!


  4. Wow! That seems like a lot of snow and cold for your neck of the woods. It's been single digits and snow here too, though the melt is in full force at this point. I fear it will be a while before I'm back out on the bike again though. C'mon sun! Melt that snow!!! :-)

  5. I'm not fan of snow but I live in Michigan and we see too much of it. Right now, not much, though they say 2-3 inches tonight.

    Thanks for coming over to the Gypsy. Looks like you are in Hygge zone -- curling up and trying to be cozy (because the alternative is anything but!) I appreciated your comments on the family tree. I know some of the stories that pop up are horrible -- but sometimes those are kind of interesting to know -- if for nothing more than to recognize how far you have come from that. And who knows? Before might have been pretty nifty!

  6. Our temperatures are higher than yours, but not by a whole lot. We have plenty of frost and ice about, just no snow. It's annoying really, since I absolutely love snow. We don't get much of it, so I get as excited as a child when we actually get some. They say we're meant to get some this coming weekend. I'm not holding my breath, but I am crossing my fingers.

  7. Snow? What is this thing you call snow? You speak of it like it's a bad thing.

    (All kidding aside, I'm sure we're warmer than you, but it's chilly for us. Lots of rain, though.)

  8. That was the snow we were supposed to get but we got rain/freezing rain and then just maybe an inch of snow on top of it. So pretty but hateful mean. lol I'm so ready for it to warm back up!

  9. We got a bunch of snow last weekend, too. It came down so fast, and it was so cold that the plows could not keep up. Yikes. It was really cold through Thursday, when we hit 60+ degrees. Crazy, fluctuating weather!


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