Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some Fall Flowers & A Big Thank You

First, I wanted to thank all of you for your kind comments on my post about Milo dying.  It still hurts.  Like hell, if I’m being totally honest, but y’all were so nice about it.  I really appreciate it.

Now, moving on to happier things.  We’ve been enjoying mostly warm temperatures lately.  It has been unseasonably warm for October for us; with a few exceptions, most days have been in the mid 70s, and it has only dropped down to the 40s at night.  I love the warmer weather, so no complaints here!

I decided to plant some Fall flowers this year.  It’s not something I normally do, but I thought a little splash of color outside might be nice.  And the warmer temperatures made it pleasant to be outside planting things.

I went with a few different colored mums, pansies, and snapdragons.  I’m hoping the warmer temperatures stick around so the flowers last a while.

What about you?  Is it still warm where you are?  Do you have any Fall planting going on?


  1. Well, warm is relative. We're also in the mid 70s, but that's normal for this time of year. Halloween is either too warm or too cold. (Can't plan costumes too early...)

  2. How pretty with the flowers :) Glad you are enjoying some pleasant weather :)

    Its supposed to be 99 degrees here tomorrow (though it is unseasonably warm the weatherman says).


  3. I love your flowers. I always think I should do that, but then I run out of time, energy and inspiration. And if I do plant them, they always die for lack of water. Sigh.

    Crazy warm here in Denver. I think it's supposed to be 80 tomorrow! Not a hint of snow, and only one ski resort has been able to make enough to get one run open. I'm not complaining though - it's letting me spend more time on my bike and get some much needed repair work done on my house.

  4. Glad you guys are getting some nice weather! :)

    Um, not warm here anymore. Our lows have been in the 30s the last couple of nights ... fall is definitely in the air. :)

  5. I'm new here, but... Sorry for your loss!

    It's not as warm here as it has been through the Summer, but it's still mostly warm enough to have the windows open while the sun is up... Gets a lot chillier when the sun goes down though. So, normal for this time of year for us.

    No Fplating here... I don't have a garden.

  6. I did some planting in October with mums and pansies and decorate cabbage. I have 2 more planters to do. Fingers crossed that happens today. Hope your warm weather sticks a bit longer!


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