Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Very Belated Introduction to Chuzoo

First, please don’t blame me for the name.  “Chuzoo” is something my parents came up with.  They like cutesy/weird names.  I was very nearly the victim of one of my mom’s cutesy name ideas.  Fortunately for me, my dad changed his mind about going along with it.

They were told that Chuzoo was half Chihuahua, and half Shih Tzu, so they decided that “Chuzoo” (pronounced like “chew zoo”, with no space, say it really fast) was a cute play on those breeds.

He wrapped himself up like this.
Fortunately, in spite of having a ridiculous name, Chuzoo is a very sweet and happy little guy.  He absolutely adored Emma, and he loves Duke, which works out well since he came to live with us in August.

My parents were getting ready to move into an apartment, and decided that Chuzoo would be happier living with us, since we have a fenced in back yard, and he would have Duke to play with.  He had stayed with us before, whenever my parents went out of town, and always seemed perfectly happy at our house.

Chuzoo quite happily moved in with us at the end of August.  He seems to love living here, and Duke is thrilled to have a dog buddy again.  The more the merrier, right?


  1. I like his name! Now I am curious with the name your mom came up with for you. I think he is a perfect fit for your household.


  2. Sounds a bit like Cujo...I like it!

  3. Perhaps you need to rename him ;)

    Glad your father didn't go along with the cutesy name idea. I've seen many of those names, and it's a nightmare. Although, I'm curious...

  4. Congratulations! Chuzoo is a real cutie! It sounds like he's fitting in well there. :)


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