Sunday, November 29, 2015

Still Blooming

Do you ever find yourself utterly shocked, surprised, and amazed by how well something turns out, or how long it lasts?

That’s happened to me with this pink Gerbera daisy. I have no idea how, but it’s still blooming. We’ve had several hard frosts; the kind where it takes a while to de-ice the car in the morning. But this little daisy is still blooming. 

My understanding of Gerbera daisies is that they’re a warm weather flower. I’ve planted one every year for the past few years, and I don’t remember one ever making it this long. Definitely not through multiple frosts.

I’m glad this year’s Gerbera daisy is turning out to be different. It’s planted next to the carport, so you see it every time you leave or come home. I really like pink flowers, so it makes me happy to see it every day. It’s just a nice little bright spot in the day. Cold weather is not my favorite, and I really don’t like it when there’s nothing colorful in the yard, so this little flower is making me incredibly happy.

So what about you? Do you have anything still blooming? Do you know something I don’t about Gerbera daisies? Do they always last this long? What little thing is making you happy right now?


  1. It is very pretty! Glad it is hanging in there and continuing to bloom despite the weather not cooperating with it. Nothing growing here; trees are slowly but surely losing their leaves. the little thing making me happy right now? Closing of an escrow in a few days; not directly for us to live in, but part of our plan :)


  2. What a treat to have that pretty bloom! Our mum plant had a few final blooms on it, but we're pretty much headed in to winter now.

  3. Hi human, Danielle,

    What a blooming pawesome pawst by your good self. Some resplendent colour as winter starts to draw in. Very nice, indeed!

    We have a fuchsia and I was careful with that spelling, still blooming :)

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

  4. Interesting. I wonder how it's hanging on.

  5. It's gorgeous. Do you think the dogs might be relieving themselves on it and inadvertently fertilising it with urea? Just a thought Danielle :)

  6. So pretty. Love when they hold on like that. Most of mine have lost their battle against the cold but I have a hibiscus that's still putting out pretty blooms and they're a warm weather one too. Definitely brightens the day.


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