Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog Ahead 2015

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Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup is hosting the 2015 Blog Ahead event during the month of October. The idea is to build up your number of scheduled posts by 31 during the month of October by writing and scheduling 31 posts during October that won’t publish until after November 1st. You can read more, and sign up, here.

I don’t normally schedule very many posts ahead of time. I like the idea of having posts scheduled; I just never get around to it. I have two scheduled right now, which is actually a lot for me. 

I do like the idea of guaranteeing that this will be the first year I don’t blog less than the year before, so I decided to sign up this year. I’m really not sure about getting 31 posts scheduled during one month, so I’m setting my goal a little lower, at 15 posts. That seems a bit more doable to me, and means that as of October 31st I should have 17 posts scheduled for November 1st and beyond.

So what about you? Do you usually schedule your posts ahead of time? Are you participating in the Blog Ahead event?


  1. I write all my blog posts for the week over the weekend. It's a system that works for me. (Well, not this week, but a cold over the weekend kind of torpedoed the system.) So, I won't be blogging ahead. But good luck to you. It is a good thing to have some posts around just in case.

  2. That sounds like a cute meme to do. Only blog posts I write in advance are the ones for A/Z, otherwise I might put some thoughts down and then may or may not post that down the road. Have fun participating in Blog Ahead; I look forward to what you write ahead to share in November. October is going to be a busy month so I don't want to over commit too much with writing :)


  3. I scheduled all 26 posts in advance for last year's A to Z but didn't quite manage it this year. I think I'd have to give up everything else entirely to do 31 in a month. Or even 15 - hope you make it!
    Anabel's Travel Blog

  4. Good luck with it. 15 posts seems doable. I have to publish a post the second I write it. I can never hold on to them because it's usually about something that happened that day.

  5. Hope the challenge is going well! I love having extra posts around 'just in case'. I do a lot way scheduled out that really aren't for any particular day (I usually date them a year out). Then if I just don't feel like blogging one day or if life happens those posts get pulled from. It's been really handy over the years :D

    Happy blogging this weekend!


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