Sunday, September 20, 2015


We’ve added another cat to our household. I know, I know, we’re pretty much crazy cat people at this point. Joey was already in the family, he just didn’t live with us until recently.

My parents adopted Joey over eleven years ago. He and his litter mate Harry (who now lives with my sister’s best friend) were dropped off at the feed store where my sister worked. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but Joey is missing his back right leg.

Joey had the leg when he was dropped off, but it was mangled, and bent the wrong way. My parents saw him and wanted to save him. My mom loves all cats, and Joey’s plight really spoke to my dad because my dad has severe back and leg problems. He couldn’t stand the thought of Joey not getting the treatment he needed.

So Joey became my parents’ cat. We named him after Joey on Friends. We were all addicted to the show, and we decided that everyone loved Joey, and that our Joey was going to need that to get through everything. He had multiple surgeries in an effort to save the leg, but it was just too damaged, so the vet ultimately recommended amputation. Joey gets around fine without the leg, and most of the time people don’t even realize at fist that he’s missing a leg. He’s so fluffy it seems to hide it a little bit.

Recently my dad’s back and leg problems have become much worse. He has a degenerative spinal disease, and his mobility is becoming more and more limited. He will eventually become wheelchair bound, though he’s hoping that doesn’t happen for a while.

Joey’s favorite hobby is doing figure eights around your ankles. He likes to be right underfoot, and wants to be touching you at all times. This wasn’t good for my dad since his balance isn’t very good. After falling over Joey a few times, they decided it would be better if Joey moved in with us.

He’s adjusting well to life with us. He already knew Emma and Duke from all of the times they’ve visited their grandparents. Joey isn’t overly friendly toward other cats, but everyone seems to have declared a truce (though it’s uneasy at times). Like his namesake, Joey loves food, and is always happy to be given treats. He also loves to be held and cuddled. And I think he likes it here.


  1. I hope your new pusscat will be happy with you. How awful for Joey to have a mangled leg like that and great of your parents to try to save it for him. Sorry your dad is so unwell.

  2. That is so sweet that you welcomed Joey into your household. I am sorry though about your dad; I too hope it won't be for a long time (if ever) that he has to be in a wheelchair to get around.


  3. Oh my gosh what a cute face! Definitely dangerous with mobility issues. That's great yall were able to take him in.

  4. He's beautiful. I loved Joey on Friends too. Who didn't! Lucky Joey coming to your animal loving family. It's amazing how dogs and cats adjust to missing legs isn't it.

  5. Awwww... blessings upon your parents for saving him and you for welcoming him into your home!

  6. Yeah, that would be dangerous for someone with mobility issues. Too bad Joey didn't figure that out. But I'm sure he'll enjoy living with you now. And he can still visit your parents.

  7. Sorry to hear about your dad's failing health. But we are really glad Joey could come and live with you, and that things are going well. Purrs, prayers and good thoughts to you all.


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