Saturday, July 18, 2015

Invasion of the Giant Squash

The giants, with the little Roma.
The garden is coming along nicely. It still surprises me a little bit every year. I plant seeds, and things grow. Usually much more abundantly than I dared to hope.

The squash and zucchini are growing like crazy. I suspect the tomatoes will be in another week or so. The peppers are lagging behind, but they do that every year.

One thing I’ve noticed about the squash and zucchini is that they seem to go from being tiny, not quite ready to pick little darlings to absolute giants almost overnight. I try to pick them when they’re medium size, but that doesn’t always work out. 

The normal size!
It’s a little hard to tell how huge these were from the picture, so I took a picture of more "normal" sized squash and zucchini in the same basket to give you some perspective. Also, the little tomato on the left? It’s this year’s first Roma. It’s a little on the small side, but that should give you a little more perspective as to the size of the giants surrounding it.

So what about you? Did you plant a vegetable garden? Are you being invaded by giant squash?


  1. I've never had success at a vegetable garden it takes more patience and skill than some green thumbers realize.

  2. Wow, they are big! I love squash, especially in the summer :)

  3. Looks like you did great in the garden!! No garden here :)


  4. Vegetable garden, check. Squash being planted this week as part of the autumn garden. Check out this new squash I'm trying it, it looks like a little alien thing!

  5. No garden here either. Just a balcony. Squash always seem to do well. A friend used to grow really big ones for me and I would then stuff them and roast them.

  6. Holy cow! Those squash are gigantic! Is there any difference in how they taste, as opposed to the "normal" ones?

  7. Enjoy your harvest.Those squash are divine. Once upon a time I had a victory garden too. Can't get down in the dirt to garden anymore. Makes me sad. But I enjoy hearing about others who do.

  8. Do you know what? I've never eaten squash. I always thought it was the American name for pumpkin but clearly by the look of those monsters it's not. You must have a green thumb!

  9. My garden is big, as always. And my favorite place to meander. And I agree with you about zucchini. It grows so fast and so quickly and then I race around making zucchini bread that I can't even give to my neighbors after a while!


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