Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June Is Adopt A Cat Month

I haven’t forgotten about or abandoned this project!  It’s just that June has also turned into something of a crazy month for me.  I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me when a month I see as license to indulge my inner crazy cat lady turns crazy.
There are a few modifications to my plan, however.  Obviously, I am not featuring a different cat and/or shelter every day as I had originally hoped. I do still have some guest posts lined up, and I’m very excited about those. It’s not too late to have a guest post.  If you’d like to share anything relevant to the world of cat rescue, just send me an email.  It’s all about the cats!
I’m still entering all of the rescues featured into a drawing for a $25.00 donation from me, and will announce that on July 1st
In closing for today, I’d just like to encourage everyone to do something nice for shelter cats this month.   We’re not all in a position to adopt another cat, and that’s perfectly understandable, but we can all do a little something to make things a little easier for shelter cats whether it’s donating to your local shelter, dropping off a bag of food or litter, changing litter boxes, or helping to socialize the cats.  After all, it is their month. 


  1. Look at those cats on the bed! They look at spoiled at my dogs :) Nothing wrong with indulging your inner crazy cat lady Danielle.

  2. It's been a crazy month, for sure! Hang in there, and we'll be emailing something to you soon.


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