Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Never Say Never

Are there things you’ve said (or thought) that you would never do or like that you one day find yourself doing and/or liking?
For me, yard work has turned into one of those never say never things.  As a teenager, I hated yard work.  I swore that when I had my own house I would never garden, and that I’d pay someone (that was well before I realized how much things cost) to cut the grass.  Well, never say never.
Nick and I bought our first house about three and a half years ago.  It has a very small yard, but every year I’m finding myself doing more and more in the yard.  And I find myself actually enjoying some of the yard work.  
This weekend was beautiful and warm, and Home Depot had a Spring Black Friday Sale. There’s another never say never.  I never would have thought I’d utter the words, “Home Depot is having a Spring Black Friday sale.  We should go and get things for the yard.”  But once again, never say never.
We decided to go with some raised beds in the back yard for our vegetable garden, and we are slowly mulching and planting flowers in various beds around the house.  We’re both really excited about the raised beds because we’ve read and heard a lot of good things about them. We put the first one in on Saturday, and I am ridiculously proud of it.  I only have four plants in it so far.  It’s still a little early, but I just had to go ahead and try to get started.  We’re planning to put one more in this weekend, and will be planting lettuce in it.
We had a cold snap (hopefully the last one) last night and today, so I’ve moved all of my flowers onto the porch.  Yet another thing I never thought I’d do.  I’ve already planted the more cold tolerant flowers, and I’m looking forward to planting my daisy, marigolds, and petunias as soon as it warms up a little more.
I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really excited about our plans for the things we want to do with the yard, and the vegetables we plan to grow. 
What about you?  Any never say never things you’ve surprised yourself with?


  1. I've tried to garden--I love flowers--but every plant I touch dies. So we have a yard full of beautiful roses that I pay someone to keep me from killing. At least I get to enjoy them!

  2. I never thought I would be into a keeping a house. I thought I would travel and go my path and not be hemmed down by wanting to look at paint chips and couches but now I enjoy it. I still love to travel but never thought I would be into the other. I like gardening but my plants don't like me. My hubby touches one and it sprouts flowers etc... He puts the left over coffee and coffee f=grounds on the plants as well as egg shells and they love it.

  3. I wish I could get into yard work. I don't mind doing it in winter but most of the time it's too hot here. It is lovely to watch things you've planted grow. I'm so glad we've connected across the waters Danielle :)

  4. How cool that you are enjoying the gardening, Danielle! I think having your own place and wanting it to look nice is a big motivator for people getting out and working in the yard. The work that you did sounds like it will pay off down the road too!

    I never thought I would love living in Montana as much as I did, after telling my husband two years prior to find a job any place other than Montana or the deep south (don't like humidity). Two years later when we moved to Montana, I found I did like it so very much :)


  5. I would love to do some gardening in my yard. Home maintenance doesn't bother me as much as I thought; I guess there's a sense of pride that comes with owning your own place. The one thing I surprise myself with is how early I wake up. Granted I have to get up at 7:30am for work but I don't sulk about it like i used to and sometimes I'll even get up a little earlier. On purpose. Without complaining! :)

    The Pedestrian Writer

  6. LOL I've uttered some near phrases like that about Home Depot. lol I just did my plant and seed shopping and started putting beds together for the season. I don't LOVE yard work (it's the bugs I But I do like trying to keep some stuff growing!

  7. Great post!

    Finley Jayne

  8. Hi Danielle .. gardening hangs onto us .. and we want to try new plants and see how my garden grows - I don't have a garden now - but would love to have one at some stage in the future .. good luck and enjoy that garden ... Never say Never is such a true saying ... cheers Hilary

  9. I have heard uttered the same words...

  10. Hi

    Thank you for your comment on FPE.
    Life is funny sometimes isn't it. Good to hear you've embraced this gardening lark.
    For me, it's discussing nappy contents. And now you've come to mention it, this features in Biceps, chicken korma and fire engines.(Nothing like a shameless plug is there!)

  11. It's OK, lots of people like gardening and yard work. It is especially rewarding when you own your own home. We have an association that does most of the stuff in our town house, but i do enjoy an occasional garden chore.

  12. I spent my adolescent years on a farm with a slavedriver of a stepfather. I thought I'd left gardening of any sort far behind when I got away. But ow I absolutely love gardening. Ditto painting and other house remodeling tasks.


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