Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No Kitchen Sink, But Part of the Shower

I’ve been accused of carrying everything but the kitchen sink around in my purse, and in moments of total honesty, I will admit that there’s some truth to the accusation.  I carry a big purse, I rarely clean it out, and I tend to use it as storage.  We’ve weighed my purse a few times (don’t judge, we don’t have cable, okay?) and it very often tops 10 pounds.  It has inched closer to 20 pounds before. 
I almost always have a book in my purse.  I have a Kindle, but we don’t get along, so I need a purse that has room for a real book.  You never know when you’re going to end up waiting for someone or something, and life is just too short to waste time when you could be reading.  I usually carry around some kind of notebook.  I also carry a paper calendar that I love. Technology and I aren’t the best of friends.  I like this calendar, and I’ve been using this style for six years.  It isn’t broken, so I’m not fixing it.  Then there’s the usual assortment of “purse stuff” – keys, makeup, gum, pens, receipts, etc. 
Yesterday, though, I think I pulled the weirdest thing yet out of my purse; a shower faucet.  Yes, a shower faucet.  The shower faucet broke on Sunday.  Nick is currently working nights, and I felt bad enough waking him up to turn off the water, so I went to the hardware store to buy the new faucet.  I don’t have the best record for getting the right thing at the hardware store, so I put the old faucet in a plastic storage bag and took it with me to compare to the new one.  I just tossed the old one in my purse when I left the store and didn’t think about it again.
Until yesterday, when I checked out at the grocery store.  I pulled out the shower faucet in the process of getting out my debit card.  That got me a few strange looks.  The cashier actually asked if it was part of the shower.  Yes. Yes, it is.  No kitchen sink, but I do have part of the shower in my purse. 
So what about you?  Do you keep your purse nicely organized?  If so, HOW?  Or what is the weirdest thing you’ve pulled out of your purse? 


  1. The weirdest thing I ever pulled out of my purse was my nephew's old retainer...he'd stuck it in there as a gag. YUCK!
    I used to carry a huge purse full of stuff but these days I like smaller and lighter better.

  2. My purse is pretty mundane. It is a cornucopia of used tissues, and when I am quilting, swatches of fabric. Sorry to be so boring.

  3. What a great story!

    My purse is huge and stuffed to the gills, but like Susan's, it contains pretty mundane stuff. I'm boring, too. :)

  4. LOL, how cute with the shower faucet! Honestly, I don't carry a purse these days. I have a card case I carry that has my license, debit card, etc., and I carry my cell phone and I'm good to go. In defense though, I work at home and I rarely drive any place on my own, but somewhere along the line I "ditched" the purse and haven't missed it (too much :)


  5. Bwaha oh that's awesome. lol Mine's much the same. I use a herding cats & burning soup tote most days with all the regular stuff--tablet (size of 2 kindles), print book, assortment of pens and such for notes, camera, usually some sort of medical somethign for the herd--meds, syringes, microchipper and chips. You know. lol One of the odder things I found in there was a large red potato. And heck if I can remember putting it IN the purse. *shrugs* Heh

  6. Hahahaha! That's awesome. I commute to work on the train every day, and it is about 1.5 hours each way. I have pretty much everything in my computer backpack. :)


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