Monday, April 3, 2017

Banana Pound Cake

I first made this banana pound cake with my paternal grandmother.  I don’t remember the first time we made it, but we made it together for years.  I always assumed it was her recipe.  I made it a few years ago when my aunt and uncle came for dinner, and learned from my aunt that it’s actually her grandmother’s, my great grandmother’s (she of the sweet tea fame, so you know it’s good) recipe.  Apparently she was quite the baker.  I don’t remember any baked goods from her.  Her arthritis was pretty bad by the time I was a small child, so she didn’t do much cooking or baking.  If this cake is anything to go by, I really missed out!

This cake is incredibly delicious!  It has become a favorite among the security officers at work, and is one of the most requested cakes when I bake for people at Christmas.  My dad’s “subtle” way of asking for it is to inform me of how many sticks of butter they have when I visit them, or to count the sticks of butter we have when he visits us.

It’s not usually an issue because everyone loves this cake so much, but it doesn’t keep very well.  It only lasts for two or three days.  I live in the south, with a lot of humidity, so you may be able to store it for a day or two more if you live in a dryer climate. It’s a really moist cake, so it tends to get moldy really fast, especially if you slice it and store it in a plastic container.  Like I said, it usually gets eaten long before it has a chance to go bad, but it does limit the ability to make it ahead of time for an event.

Banana Pound Cake:

3 sticks (1.5 cups) butter (Not margarine, real butter!)
Additional butter for greasing the pan
2 cups sugar
Additional sugar for coating the pan
4 large eggs
2 cups mashed very ripe bananas (usually somewhere between 3 and 6 bananas, depending on the size)
1/4 cup & 2 Tbsp buttermilk
1 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
3 cups all purpose flour
1 1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
½ cup chopped pecans

Generously butter and sugar a bundt pan. You want every little crevice well coated in butter, or the cake isn’t going to come out of the pan nicely.

Beat butter at medium speed w/ electric mixer, or in a standing mixer, 2 minutes, or until creamy.
Gradually add sugar, beating 5 - 7 minutes.

Add eggs, one at a time, beating just until yellow disappears.

Combine mashed banana, buttermilk and vanilla in a small bowl.  Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. Add alternately to butter mixture; starting with flour mixture, and ending with buttermilk mixture. Mix at low speed after each addition, just until blended.

Stir in pecans.

Spoon batter into buttered and sugared bundt pan.  Bake at 325° for 1.5 hours, or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean.

Cool pan on wire rack for 15 minutes, remove cake from pan, and cool completely on wire wrack.



  1. oh looks sooo yummy! And I especially like the form - brings my childhood memories, my mom used to bake a zebra - cakes in it! :)

    BookBug's World

  2. Could you store it in the fridge to make it last longer? I know I do that with various baked goods that might go bad, and it helps a bit.

  3. It sounds delicious! I love how your dad (gently?) suggests that perhaps it is time for you to bake one!


  4. What a treasure that you have this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing. Sounds delicious.

  5. I'm allergic to fresh bananas but can eat banana bread. I love old recipes and have some of my mom's.

  6. Oh Danielle! This looks very good -- I love pound cake; banana can only make it better!

  7. It seems not too difficult for my poor skills. Maybe I'll try!

    Eva - Mail Adventures

  8. sounds soo good. love a new dessert recipe. awesome!

  9. Not really a fan of banana bread or cake, but I always use real butter in anything I bake. I hate the taste of Oleo plus I don't think it is that healthy for you. Family recipes are the best.
    My Virtual Vineyard

  10. Pinned. I saw "banana" and thought "oh, this is going to be SO good. And it sounds that way although, with my husband and I being on Weight Watchers, I don't think all that butter would even be allowed into my house! But I can dream, can't I? Thank you for stopping by my A to Z blog.

  11. This Banana Pound Cake looks scrumptious. The perfect after dinner treat. YUM!

  12. That looks tasty, thanks for sharing the recipe.

  13. I appreciate the recipe! Our family get-togethers are rather large so won't have worries about leftovers :)
    A to Zer dropping by!
    Katy Trail Creations

  14. I love pound cake! Had a slice of lemon earlier today, in fact. Not such a fan of banana, though, but this looks like a great recipe for those who are. :-)

  15. It sounds delicious... Keeping hold of this recipe for sure!

  16. Yum! Love recipes that are handed down like that. Too funny on your daddy's hints. lol

  17. Oh in butter and sounds TOTALLY amazing!


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