Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Simple Solution Review

***I’ve decided to start reviewing some products that I really like and think others might like too, and the ones that I wish someone had warned me away from.  Please note that I am not any kind of affiliate for these products.  Any links provided are just for your convenience. ***

This one was recommended by one of my pet transport friends, and it has become one of my favorite cleaning products. 

I love pets; we have five, we occasionally foster, and I sometimes do rescue transports.  The only bad side to all of that are the occasional pet messes.  For the most part I’ve been really lucky with the transport pets; they’re almost always very well behaved and very rarely make any kind of mess in the car. But accidents happen. 

When I was transporting this adorable little puppy his little bladder just couldn’t hold it until the next stop.  Unfortunately it soaked through the blanket I had on the seat. 

I cleaned the car seat as soon as I got home with a mixture of Lysol and water.  I thought everything was fine until the next afternoon when I got in the car and caught a faint whiff of urine.  I cleaned it again with Lysol, and again thought everything was fine.  The next few days were cooler and I didn’t smell anything.  Then we had a warmer day and the smell was definitely back. 

The next time around I tried straight vinegar.  I thought surely that since I was now driving the vinegar-mobile the urine smell would be gone.  Wrong.  The next warm afternoon yielded a urine smell with some vinegar undertones. That’s not a good smell!  Not good at all.

At that point I decided to check with some of my fellow transporters thinking that surely someone would have found something that works.  The two most popular solutions were cleaning the car with a carpet cleaner and Simple Solution.

Renting a carpet cleaner is time consuming and gets to be a little expensive, so I decided to try Simple Solution first.  I can’t remember how much the bottle cost, but I remember it being fairly comparable to (maybe a little cheaper than?) Nature’s Miracle (which I think is useless). 

The instructions were to spray the Simple Solution, let it sit, and then blot it up.  It didn’t even call for hard scrubbing!  Once again, the urine smell seemed to be gone, though by this time I was nervous.  The next warm afternoon came – and no urine smell.  Not even the faintest little whiff!

The Simple Solution worked!  It has been months, and we’ve had some really hot days, but the smell never came back.  We’ve started using Simple Solution for any pet related cleaning and it works great.  I’ve told several friends about it, and they’ve all said it works great for all of their pet messes as well. 

The spray has a very light, pleasant scent.  It reminds me of clean laundry, which is one of the things I like about it.  It doesn’t have that sickly sweet air freshener scent, though there’s definitely a scent.  The scent isn’t strong, it doesn’t linger, and it definitely works. 


  1. Thank you for reminding me of this! We have several indoor cat & dogs and am now renting a home for the first time after years of home owning. Our dogs are all housebroken, but one of my dogs is very sensitive/neurotic, and when my grown son now leaves for the day at college, she marks a couple of spots on the rug.

    We bought Nature's Miracle in the pet store and it works kind of okay. But now that you mentioned this product, we used to use that when we lived in another state years ago and my husband used to rave about it. He didn't just use it for pet smells, it is also great for general cleaning.

    Thanks for jogging my memory--I just told him what you said :)

    1. Even the best trained pets seem to have their moments.

      I've used the Simple Solution for some general cleaning and have been happy with it. I love it for cleaning up pet related messes.

  2. Good to know! I need to tell my Mom about this. She has a little guy that has some issues with accidents because he was a puppy mill dog and is a little behind in house training.

    1. I love that your mom took in a puppy mill dog! This stuff really works, so it should help her.

  3. I haven't heard of this one before but I see Amazon carries it for cheap! I have a cat who sits on the edge of the cat box, usually with her bottom hanging over the edge of the box and the pee hits the floor and the lip of the box and splashes. Ugh, she drives me a little nuts. She also won't poop in a box either but instead poops outside the box on paper towels that I now leave down just for Her Prissyness. I have 5 boxes in 5 locations, all different sorts and she still does this. I've been using an enzyme based cleaner and it works ok. I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks for the review and for transporting those babies to safety!

    1. I love Amazon! We have a cat who sometimes goes next to the box - so annoying! The Simple Solution works great for that. We only have two boxes, but they're huge. Here's to your for keeping up with five! I hope the Simple Solution helps.


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