Friday, March 12, 2021

A Few Random Things

This is kind of a miscellaneous post since none of these things alone are enough for their own post.  Of course, like all of my random things posts, there will be cat (and other) pictures sprinkled throughout. 


I’m trying to reply to all of the comments now.  I’ve posted about it before, and the opinions seemed fairly mixed.  I replied to comments when I first started blogging, way back in 2012, but just stopped somewhere along the way.  I’ve decided to try it again for now.  I can always stop if no one seems to read them, or if I don’t really have anything to say.  I haven’t responded to some of the comments on my photography post because they were really long when I started to, and I’ve decided to just write a post instead.  I’m hoping to have that finished soon.


My best piece of random news is that my dad got his first dose of vaccine last week.  My parents live in South Carolina, so my dad got vaccinated shortly after they opened up appointments for people 65 and over.  They’ve lowered the age limit now, so my mom has an appointment scheduled for next week. 

We’ve had almost a week of wonderfully nice, warm weather, even getting up to 70 degrees.  The daffodils are starting to bloom  I’ve been wishing the tree hadn’t destroyed the hammocks when it fell!  Today is the last of the good weather.  It gets rainy and colder, even going down to highs in the 50s for all of the 10 day forecast.  I hope that will be the last of the colder weather, but I’m not counting on it.  March tends to lose its ever loving mind every year and torments us with another bout of cold weather.

The company, Corel, that owns WordPerfect has absolutely terrible customer service.  We’ve been trying to contact them for over two weeks about an issue with the program. They take a few days to respond to every email, and it feels like they’ve been deliberately dragging it out.  Nick sent them all of the information they might need in the first email, but they’ve been emailing and asking for the same information he already sent, one thing at a time.  Email on Monday asking how many systems it’s installed on, email a few days later asking for a screen shot of the error, etc. 

Their latest response is that we have a pirated copy of the program and need to buy a new one.  We most certainly do not!  We bought it brand new, from Best Buy.  It’s old, but it’s not pirated or stolen.  When we first started having problems with it, I was mostly prepared to buy the new version of it since ours is old.  It seemed worth checking to see if we could get a little more life out of ours first, though.  I really, really like WordPerfect, a lot more than Word, so I wasn’t opposed to replacing the program.  Now that they’ve been so obnoxious, I’m less inclined to buy their product.  Bad customer service is bad enough, but I really don’t like being accused of stealing, which I feel is what they did when they said our program is pirated.  I use Word every day on my work computer and if the Corel people want to be jerks, I can certainly use Word on my personal computer. 



I’m making mask adapters again.  One of my coworkers asked for one for his wife.  She works in retail, and had one of the ones I made early on, but it disappeared at work.  I made a few for her, and some extras for her to take to work as well.  I was really happy that someone asked for them.  I’ve been telling people to let me know whenever they need them, and I’m glad someone finally did.  My sister has handed out all of the ones I sent to her a few weeks ago, so I’m working on another batch to mail to her. 

I found a new chiropractor that I’m extremely happy with.  I hadn’t been since before the pandemic.  The chiropractor I had been going to has been open, but I won’t be going back there, ever, because of their COVID behavior.  I kept putting off finding a new one, but persistent headaches are a good motivator.  I Googled “chiropractors in my town” and then looked for Facebook pages to see what their practice was like.  I had never realized how helpful a business’s Facebook page could be!  I eliminated two from my list immediately, and found what looked like a solid first choice and a decent second choice.  I called the first choice to ask about their mask policy and ended up making an appointment for the next day.  They are awesome!!!  The practice reminds me a lot of the one I absolutely loved when I lived in SC.  I’ve been going weekly and feel so much better. 

Dogs make people smile.  Especially friendly, happy three-legged dogs.  Since almost everything is curbside or drive-thru now, I’ve been taking Duke with me almost every time I go anywhere.  He loves going for rides, and I think he misses seeing other people and going places.  He’s always so happy when I get his leash out.  And people are always happy to see him.  Everyone just seems much happier when I have Duke with me. 

So what about you?  Have you been enjoying warm weather?  Do you have a favorite word processing program?  Have you found it helpful to look at a business’s Facebook page?  


  1. We’ve had great weather this week (50’s-60’s) and I walked so much I got a blister! Don’t you love it when companies find a way to blame the consumer? Ridiculous! I love to check out businesses on fb and Instagram. I agree, it’s helpful to see how they operate, treat their employees, etc,

  2. I know several people who swear by chiropractors, but I was very disappointed by the one I tried. He relieved me of a lot of money but did nothing for the back ache I was experiencing.

    I've never heard of WordPerfect. I've always used Word and been quite happy with it. But it sounds like Corel's customer service is dreadful. Constantly asking you for info you've already sent them is ridiculous.

  3. Glad to see another post from you! I love all the photos of all your fur babies. We've had beautiful weather here this week. March is usually our best weather of the year. Sure looks like spring has arrived there. I hope the weather stays nice. I'm no help on the word processing program and I'm not on Facebook anymore, don't think I ever went to a businesses Facebook page when I was. Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Duke would make me smile, too! Sorry about your chiropractor not following safe protocols, but it’s great that you found another who does and that they can help you with your headaches. I’ve gone to chiropractors in the past and it has been helpful, but for back pain I feel like physical therapy might be better for me, as the exercises strengthen the muscles around the painful area, and support it better, rather than just moving things into place where they can get moved out again. Having said that, both my husband and I have gotten some really good relief in times of need from our chiropractor, him once when his back seized up and he could hardly walk, and me when I had a horrific sinus headache.

  5. I am happy for your dad having had the first dose of vaccine.

    I have had a few different chiropractors over the years. The first one was the best and the others never really measured up.

    Duke makes me smile too, as does Caroline.

  6. I do respond to every comment. I like to do it via email, but not everyone has their email enabled (understandably), so those I respond to in my comment thread. But you do you. Sometimes it can be too much, so there's no need to overburden yourself. You can always do a blog post just to respond to various comments that you feel need responses.

    Sounds like you've been busy. I've been using Word for years now. I heard Scrivener is good, but that's more for novel writing, I think. I remember Word Perfect fondly, but I switched over with some computer update or other.

  7. Hooray for your dad getting his first shot, and your mom having an appointment for hers. That's wonderful news.

    The weather here has been all over the map, as it is wont to do in March and April. It was 73 on Friday, the it dropped down to the high 30s. Welcome t9o the Northeast. LOL

    That's rotten about Corel. It's terrible that they are accusing you of stealing/having a pirated copy. Such bad customer relations. :(

    I'm happy you found a chiropractor near you that you like! That's so exciting, and I bet you'll feel better moving forward.

    We are happy just thinking of you and Duke goibg places together! He is so cute.

  8. I'm so glad you're feeling better and hope your parents are doing well. Tails wagging dogs make me happy, too. :) As for FB, it never really helped me when it comes to local businesses. Maybe it's a regional thing. That theory seems odd. But who knows? Thank you for sharing the photos. Take care!

  9. Warm days, daffodils, a new doc and a vaccine for your dad. I think those good things balance out the customer service -- maybe! I hate dealing with anything to do with the computer!

  10. I've always responded to every comment, and will continue to do so. It's time consuming - especially those times you get a lot of responses to a particular post - but I know I like it when people respond to my comments, so like to do the same for them.

    My Mam had her jab this past Saturday, and my Dad is having his this coming Saturday.

    Sorry about your dealings with the Word Perfect people. I'd be reluctant to buy their product after that too.

    Not surprised people like when you take Duke with you. Even less surprised he loves it... The dogs are really missing proper socialization. Especially those who are old enough to remember how things were before. Lilie is beyond excited whenever she gets to see anyone besides us these days. Logan gets sort of excited too, but he was only just starting to really go out and meet people when all this started (since he'd been reluctant before, because of nervousness) so he's more hesitant than Lilie, especially with new people.

    Glad you found a new chiropractor you're happy with. Hope this one continues to work out for you.

  11. Loved all of the pet photos. We have similar type weather out here in March. We get teased with warm weather for a few days and then Mother Nature reminds that it is not quite spring yet with a rain/snow storm. I also tried responding to my comments but I have gotten way behind. Take care.

  12. I answer comments, too. Not sure if all people come back and read, but I know several who do, and the dialog with my readers is important to me.

    I love your dog. He looks like one of the genuine good boys.

    I'd go to Corel's FB page or to their Twitter and publicly tell them what I think. It seems that the fear of bad publicity sometimes makes people behave.


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